Friday, September 18, 2009

Gorgeous Maternity Photographer Photography Utah

so, if my belly looked this hot even now, I would take a picture of it--

What an awesome client. They were looking for a few months for a photographer that fit their fun beautiful style. After coming across Highlite, they scheduled an appointment with us. They even came in and we went through clothing selection and even turned one of their daughter's shirts into a skirt! I can't say enough about just how cute these guys were. The hubby used the guitar to purpose to her awhile ago, so he wanted it in the pictures just as a memory-SWEET--ok, ok--so, we asked them to come back and do ANOTHER shoot with us next week because we loved them so much!



Anonymous said...

The one with Brookie is my fav! They are so beautiful!!!!

Laura said...

wow these are amazing!