Sunday, March 29, 2009

Almost there

Here it is a Sunday and I am working trying to get us moved in, but I had to stop for a bit and just edit a couple pics for a client who has been more than patient with us during our MOVES!  She reminded me that she began pics with us when we were moving to Gardner Village a year ago and it just so happened that she came to us yesterday to have MR. K pics done.   Because of her patience, I had to just do a little extra and put some pics on the blog to show her how cute her little guy is!!!  We did something we rarely do and that was to put a little one on a railroad track.  But, I couldn't resist with his clothes and all!!!  He just fit the part so well.  Happy Birthday big boy!!!

We open tomorrow guys and I must say "WOW"--it is going to be amazing!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I am in business

With the move, our girls have survived on $5 Pizza, done homework at the store and went to bed late. Sometimes after the day is done, I wonder why am I doing this...and then I get an email like this one for JC and I realize that is the reason. Thanks to JC for letting me share this!

"...justwant you to know how much those pictures mean to all of us now. My Grandpa passed away suddenly a few months ago in Boise and those family pictures youand your husband took are the last ones we have of all of us together as afamily. We were never able to all get together again like that - so thosepictures mean everything to all of us now! THANK YOU for giving us thosewonderful portraits - memories we will have to treasure for the rest of ourlives."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Bride to be Married in the Draper Temple

So if you were wondering who is the first bride to be married in the Draper Temple--well, the answer is-Michelle Tippets!  Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?  I think definately gorgeous enough to make the history books!

We love you girl and can't wait to see you on Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hot Mammas from The Cottage RETREAT Day Spa

Ok, they are finally on today--sorry girls it took so long.  The move over to the new building is burying me alive!  I thought I would try something fun today--I loved these pictures in B&W--tell me what you think?  

We are finally done with all the girls from the spa, so now we will pick out some favs and put them on the wall--I can't wait to see this done!  Should be beautiful!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Easter Bunny pics--now booking!

Yes, with the arrival of Daylight Savings-we are jumping right into spring!  So, here we go--we are booking for LIVE Easter Bunny pics--we will be doing minisessions on April 4 & 11--we are almost booked on the 4th, so if you want pics--please call asap!  Your cost is $59 and includes 1-8x10 & 2-5x7!

Our background is on order-wished it would have been here for this shoot, but that is ok--it will leave you a bit of suspense.  It is coming in a week and I have heard that there is new baby bunnies that will be born just in time for the shoot!  

Our Little Circles

Today, I had our cute little model family come for a shoot.  They will be in our "circle" frames for the new studio that we ordered from Italy!  I can't wait--just heard the frames are in LA!  So, here is a sneek peek at the cute little family that we did earlier in the fall!  

Awesome kids!  Awesome!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cutie Patootles!

Patootles-what is that? Well, I just couldn't describe how cute these girls where--there just isn't a name for that--so, I had to come up with one--"patootles."
We did this shoot for an incredible girl boutique clothing line. I must say with three girls myself that I had to keep wiping up the drool from my mouth. Corinne, the designer, is absolutley incredible!
So, I just had enough time to edit just these select few--there will be many more to come-but, for now, I had to put some "patootles" on!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Highlite's" Senior Class of 2009

So, you have to check out this great shoot we did the other day of these high school seniors from all over the valley-just incredible!

Sweet Sweet Baby

Oh my--what a darling little thing--she was just adopted into the cutest family alive-gotta love them!

Cutest Couple

So, Marc and Selena (two of the best photogs in the world) took up J&N for an engagment session this weekend.  Wowzers!  Aren't they the cutest little couple you have ever seen?  Got to love them!

Today we found out that we are shooting the first couple to be married in the Draper Temple--ok, how cool is that?  We are going to make history?!  Gotta love that!

Ok, so we got these awesome textures today that we are loving!!!  They are from We used them in the top pics-something to love today!

The Cutest Lil' Angel

Just had to blog these images--this li' angel was just adorable to shoot.  I made the crown and worked on the angel wings, so I am so proud of the entire shoot all together!

Love ya buncheS!