Sunday, March 29, 2009

Almost there

Here it is a Sunday and I am working trying to get us moved in, but I had to stop for a bit and just edit a couple pics for a client who has been more than patient with us during our MOVES!  She reminded me that she began pics with us when we were moving to Gardner Village a year ago and it just so happened that she came to us yesterday to have MR. K pics done.   Because of her patience, I had to just do a little extra and put some pics on the blog to show her how cute her little guy is!!!  We did something we rarely do and that was to put a little one on a railroad track.  But, I couldn't resist with his clothes and all!!!  He just fit the part so well.  Happy Birthday big boy!!!

We open tomorrow guys and I must say "WOW"--it is going to be amazing!!!


Cody & Davi said...

So cute, I love the baby legs

Anonymous said...

Mindy I LUV YOUR STUDIO...I want to marry it :)

adore these pictures by the way!
what a darling little boy!

Mindy said...

why are you just so cute!?