Thursday, July 30, 2009

BEAUTIFUL Family Portraits in the Wildflowers

For all you of that have done wildflowers session with us--let me tell you, they are gorgeous!  I know I have a great job when I am able to work in such an incredible workplace like the mountains in full bloom!

This family was PERFECT!  Thanks to MP for the countless hours of organizing her family's attire.  You ought to have seen the "before pics" that they had of them standing in their front room with different clothing ideas for the pics--hilarous!  I think you nailed it girl~

If you are interested, we will be opening up a few slots for Saturday, August 8th!

it has been a very long day-tired--off to bed

luv luv

Monday, July 27, 2009


i know, i know--you are luvin' the summertime and don't want it to be done, but let me give you some helpful information...(fall portraits book up before the summer ends)
We all want fall portraits for our mantles for Thanksgiving and to put in our Christmas Cards. Often times we worry about what to wear. So, girls (and guys)--if you are school shopping right now, buy outfits that would coordinate with your fall portraits so that you don't have to buy one more outfit for the kids. The gorgeous layers and textures of clothing are really the latest style. If you buy the funky jacket for school and it coordinates with fall portraits, it really makes economical sense.

Also, people always ask me, "What do I wear?" My answer is, "Where are we going to be putting the portrait at?" If your home is chocolate browns with ivory, wear coordinating clothing to match the room.
The other day I saw pumpkin and blue combined together--such a gorgeous combination together with the orange fall leaves.
Call today--our first fall setting will take place on Friday & Saturday, September 25 & 26--this is stunning with the white bark of the quaking aspen trees and their golden leaves. I have eight slots left for this one!

I am also showing The Lake setting--this was our most POPULAR location last year.
luv you guys like rockstars!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


here it goes...


Highlite Photography is looking for a part time seasonal front desk employee to help us not be so crazy (ok, so maybe that is asking alot). This person must be fun, love to work with people and organized (creative people have a hard time being organized--so please bless us). Must love photography and Gardner Village and even be willing to dress up like a witch when the time comes! Person must be willing to work on Saturdays and flexible. A team player is a MUST! If this is you, please send an email to (no phone calls please) . If this isn't you--I am sorry:(

Position is open until August 15th. Hire date is August 25, 2009-mid December. Will work 15-20 hrs per week.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Silver Lake Utah Family Portraits

What a gorgeous summer this is shaping out to be!  We are getting so excited for the summer wildflower shoots tomorrow too!  I hear word that they are incredible.  Marc and Selena are headed up tonight to shoot an engagement and then scope out some great shots for tomorrow.  

If you are interested, we do have a few slots that we just opened up for Wildflowers on Saturday, August 8th--call 801-569-1749.

Also, we will do doing Silver Lake Family Portraits on Saturday, August 15th (am slots only) and then also Saturday, September 19th if you are interested!  I absolutely luv it up there!!!!

My Sister, My Friend

There is nothing more wonderful than a best friend!  I mean, you get to choose them, love them, spend time with them and they really would tell you if you looked fat in a dress or had something in your teeth.

so meet my Ang--my bestest friend in the whole world--and her family.

i luv her because

she tells me to focus, be happy and always look on the bright side
she asks the funniest questions and always wants to know "why?"
she has walked me through the darkest time in my life and made me feel like I could do it
she calls me at 8:30 a.m. to say "hi"
she has been the biggest cheerleader of "Highlite Photography"
she luvs "The Secret"
she has a child just like my own Molly and understands the luv and frustration it can cause
she is pulling me to heaven come hell or high water---she keeps me grounded
she luvs Yorkies & Poodles
she will luv that fact that i wrote so many fabulous things about her and will make sure that everyone in her family reads just how wonderful she is

luv luv luv

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Biking Family

today is my day off-and I am here--aaahhhhh!  I am actually picking up equipment and thought I would just wet your tastebuds for the posts too come--we are rockin' around here this summer with these gorgeous family shoots.

so, I really am going to post my urban family +kids and then some more fun to come--but I am going to enjoy my day off!

tatata for now

Monday, July 20, 2009


I am heading out the door, but was waiting for some files to download and starting "playing" with the urban family + kids shoots--honestly, I have many to share--but I did a few--don't feel left out if you had pics and aren't on here--I just grabbed a few and played!

I will post a bunch more later, but got to go to bed!

Autumn Time during Summertime

Here I sit...

working on autumntime pics when it is summer.


looking at the fall leaves

KIDS & HUBBY at the baseball game

loading autumn pics onto the website.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Yummy Village Family

The other day we had to wonderful pleasure of taking the C Family pics. Such a cute little family. Mom showed up with clothes too die for--I guess when you manage Buckle you have a good "in" with clothes! The girls were the cutest too! We have LOVED taking pics of all the sweet little families in the village this summer! Hurry in for our Village Special--the end of this month it is all gone!