Monday, July 13, 2009

Can you believe what I am doing now???

Here I am tucked away in this cute little village shoppe of mine and today, I have already met with Gardner Village regarding photos of the witches, ordered new display pics for the wall for autumn and put our first fall location on the website...aahhh--I am just not ready for it, but it comes before you know it.

So, here is note to all of you...the Best photographers in the valley are booked in advance for fall, to you, I give you this warning (since I know we are one of the best :)--if you are wanting a Highlite Photography portrait above your mantle, for Christmas Cards, etc, etc--please get booked now.  We had a waiting list last year and were not able to schedule everyone that wanted to do pictures.  If you did photos last year with us, please tell your friends and family--RuMor has it that Mindy is getting ready to RelEASE the fall schedule.

Here is a sneak peak that I am giving you--only one location--first of the season--and, I will only tell you the location if you call to book the appointment.  It is called our Aspen Leaves Location.   Call today--I have 10 sessions that are waiting for YOU and you and you.  

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