Saturday, July 11, 2009

Like Mother like Daughter

what a great day--have been in the store at the village today getting caught up on a few things while Marc and Selena have been out shooting a cute family and then a bride and groom.  Marc told me today that a photographer left a whole bag of lens at the location they were at.  Luckily, Marc knew the photog who left them and was able to get a hold of him!  Woozers!!!

this cute pic is of one of the store owners at the village and her daughters.  They came in for the cutest five generation pictures with great great grandma (who was 90 years old) and on down--what a treat.  We told them to say "grandma is a hottie" and what fun it is to see three grandmas laugh at the same time!!!

well, heading out for the night.  got to go to the store to buy "stuff" for camp for my daughter.  stuff. stuff. stuff.

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mk said...

The photographer who left his bag has been sharing the story of your kindness so I wanted to look you up and say how awesome I think that is. Nice to have a little faith in the world when so many stories are about equipment being stolen.

Love your work, especially your senior stuff!