Friday, July 24, 2009

My Sister, My Friend

There is nothing more wonderful than a best friend!  I mean, you get to choose them, love them, spend time with them and they really would tell you if you looked fat in a dress or had something in your teeth.

so meet my Ang--my bestest friend in the whole world--and her family.

i luv her because

she tells me to focus, be happy and always look on the bright side
she asks the funniest questions and always wants to know "why?"
she has walked me through the darkest time in my life and made me feel like I could do it
she calls me at 8:30 a.m. to say "hi"
she has been the biggest cheerleader of "Highlite Photography"
she luvs "The Secret"
she has a child just like my own Molly and understands the luv and frustration it can cause
she is pulling me to heaven come hell or high water---she keeps me grounded
she luvs Yorkies & Poodles
she will luv that fact that i wrote so many fabulous things about her and will make sure that everyone in her family reads just how wonderful she is

luv luv luv

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