Friday, July 17, 2009

Chloe in the wheat field

The fun of being a photographer--we were driving by a wheat field the other day and I started yelping--we got to do this now! So, sure enough--we did a shoot in the wheat field. I love the warmth that the wheat gives off; neat texture and so beautiful when it is photographed. Thx to Chloe who is one of our adorable Highlite employees that is so cute. luvin' her!
I am so hoping to do a few families in the next few weeks in the wheat field before it gets cut down--I have located some wheatfields that seem as big as "sea to shining sea!" If you are interested in the wheat look, please call and ask for Mindy. I have some very specific times and dates for this. Even more fun---the first family to call for the wheat look will get their sitting absolutely free!!!


Kris Doman said...

Ok, I drive by these fields all the time wanting to shoot in them. Way to strike while the iron was hot! The second to last image is so yummy I want to have it for breakfast. Any chance we can get you guys to do an OCF workshop?

Mindy said...

kris--YEAH baby--Marc is so amazing with that--luv too!