Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let's Be Friends!

Thanks to Selena over at Highlite Photography--we are now on facebook--whoot woo! So, since we love giving away goodies over here--our 100th fan will win something yummy from Highlite Photography!!!

We have added quite a few facebook fans, but want to repost this!  I am thrilled to be posting some new pics soon....so, just wait--they are good!!!

Also, I had a very teaching moment yesterday.  We had a dear family who had scheduled next Tuesday evening to do pictures with Highlite Photography.  However, one of their sweet children was suddenly put on lifesupport and they have no idea of what is to come.  It made me think of how priceless family pictures are--they aren't family pictures unless we are all there.  Gosh, my heart just aches for them.  I have hugged my kids all last night, hugged them before I went to work and spent just a little extra time with them.  Life is so short; treasure your family!!!

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