Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Biking Family

today is my day off-and I am here--aaahhhhh!  I am actually picking up equipment and thought I would just wet your tastebuds for the posts too come--we are rockin' around here this summer with these gorgeous family shoots.

so, I really am going to post my urban family +kids and then some more fun to come--but I am going to enjoy my day off!

tatata for now


Kim said...

Love this picture! Good friend of how you show their hobby....would love you to take my family pic....but I live pretty far away...sigh.
I also LOVE your green chair. Does it have a story?

Mindy said...

our green chair should have a story and I am sure it does, but a new chapter of the "green chair" started when we bought it this year from a gorgeous shabby chic shoppe! so, now we are creating a new story for it--what fun it has been to have!