Friday, February 27, 2009

Congrats to the 2009 Sassy Babies Contest!

After much delibrating, the judges finally decided who the 2009 Sassy Babies Contest. The beautiful children will grace the walls at Gardner Village's own baby boutique, Sassy Babies. The portraits will be framed in our wonderful whimsical frames. They will also receive $100s worth of prizes from Highlite & Sassy Babies.

Most all, we are just thrilled for them to be on board with us. They are just adorable! Can't wait to do their pictures soon!

More Cutie from the Day Spa

Sorry it took so long for these to get on!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cuties from Cottage Day Spa

We have been doing a shoot for the girls at the Cottage Day Spa at Gardner Village.  We are so thrilled to have them as our new neighbors in a month when we move over to the new store!  They are so fun!

Big Bro Lil' Bro

I just have to blog these sweet pics today. They are members of our BellesnBeaus baby plan. The older brother had his pics done with us every month and now he has a new brother! I couldn't have enjoyed this sitting more! Perfection!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crazy Hats

What a great day--weather was great--our cute friends who came to get pictures were great and then I got some great hats today from a great friend--OH GREAT!

I told them I would post a few a pictures for them today--little sweetie pies!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seniors Rock the House

What a great day!  This is when we shout out "WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!"  Today we had a group of great seniors come down and model for the display window we will be revealing in about five weeks.  These seniors came from Alta, West Jordan, Bingham & Riverton and they just couldn't have been better kids.  Parents-be proud--they were amazing!

So, as I promised--here they are guys--there were so many to choose from--I just pulled a few to post--enjoy and we will see you in about a week with more goodies to come!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WPPI Rocks

We just got back from Las Vegas attending Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention-better known as WPPI. It absolutely rocked the house. We ended up with so many goodies that I can't wait to try out--a new color plugin; a new backdrop; a funky frame that lights up itself (it will be in our new display window!) and new marketing material! I felt like Christmas--it was so amazing!

We were able to hear some of our absolute idols speak at some different seminars along with attending one of the largest trade shows for photographers--so, are you jealous? Well, don't be--we ended up braving a terrible snowstorm coming home. I told Marc he was my knight in shining armor braving the vicious storm. The UPS trucks were the dragons of the road going 90 miles an hour in a blizzard. Needless to say, the prince got his princess home safely and the dragons stayed on the road!

Glad to be back! Good news today-found out that I am going Good Things Utah next Friday to announce the winners of the Casting Call (I heard MC Hammer is going to be on too-should I wear my parachute pants?) Lastly--we are moving April 1 to an awesome building in Gardner Village and they told me today they are painting it-why? (Does red and yellow country paint scream "Paint me, baby?!")

Alright, got to head--we are doing icecream sculpting tonight and I am in charge!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm So excited--I just can't hide it--I'm bout to lose control

Sorry for singing to you--but honestly, I deserve it!  This sitting was one of those sessions that you just wondered what was going to happen.  Some of our dearest clients visited us today--They had sweet twin two-year olds who were excited to have pictures of their newest baby brother.  Twins were fabulous, but baby was tired and just didn't want to cooperate.  But, I knew once we got him settled, he was fair game.  Marc walked him for awhile and finally--he gave in and went to sleep.  I must say--it was worth it.  He was like playdough!  I am so excited--I am just doing cheerleading moves all over the studio.  Beautiful!  

So, here is the top ten list today--sorry guys, you only get one more day and that is it!  Make sure you email me tomorrow what you love--the tenth person who emails me gets an awesome frame (retail value is $125!)

drum roll please....

1.  I love that Marc and I were able to shoot tonight.  It is a rare occasion that we get to do this anymore.
2.  I love that we were able to see the twin boys that we did pictures of when they were only 4 lbs big!  They were so cute--they asked me to do the "hotdog dance" with them.  I love that!
3.  I love that when I danced to Disturbia today, my Molly said that my dancing was "disturbia."
4.  I love that my beautiful fabric for my curtains was quickly vetoed by the one who is sewing the curtains.  I love that when the staff found out that is was vetoed, they all began cheering!  I thought I had style.  I love that I don't.
5.  I love The Lavendar House--the cutest shabby chic store on the face of the planet!  Has every cute decor item that a photographer would dream of! 
6.  I love that tomorrow is Valentine's Day!
7. I love that Selena, one of our photographers, got a Valentine's present from her dad who lives in Arizona.  It was a massage from the Cottage Day Spa and a rose.  I love dads who remember their daughters!
8. I love that my oldest daughter text me today and told me that she loved me.  I melted.  I love that.
9.  I love that the only thing that I have eaten today is Diet Coke.  Actually, I don't know if I love that?!
10.  I love that I have really been able to reflect on what I love this week.  I was at the gas station today thinking "I love the smell of gas."  I think I am getting desperate for love!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yummy Little One

What a sweet sweet baby-Mom and baby came in tonight and she was just an angel. She is ten days old and absolute perfect.  We even got a smile from her!  I must say as a mother of three, I LOVE babies.  They are so soft and sweet!  Yummie!

Again, here is my Top Things that I LOVE today (read the past post to see what I am up too!)

1-I love that my hubby was glad to see on the last list that he made it above the dogs--he sometimes wonders if I love the dogs more than him.  I think he was number six and the dogs were seven.
2-I love that my girls wondered if I loved them--of course I do--I love that Mikala after five years of telling me that she hated piano--that she is beginning to love it; I love that Marquessa has never hated dance and continues to want to dance more hours to be the best ballet dancer in the world; I love that Molly sings to me with headphones on--she knelt at my knees and sang, "boy, will you marry me." I love their talents.
3-I love that I spilled Red Pepper soup on my pants today and that Shauna laughed so hard at me.  I loved that I got to go home early because it looked like I threw up on my pants.
4-I loved that we were so busy today-booking appointments for babies, weddings, seniors, etc.  
5-I love that we used yarn in a shoot today-who would have thought?
6-I love that my best friend in the whole world calls me at 8:30 a.m. every morning to just say good morning.  I love that!
7-I love that I found beautiful material to use for the curtains in the new store.  
8-I love that I don't have to make the curtains for the new store.
9-I love that a sweet husband called and ordered pictures of his boys for his wife for Valentines Day. Of course-it was at the last minute, but I loved that!
10-I love that US retail sales were up and that economists had predict a decrease.  I love the power of positive thinking.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, had to do this fun shoot today with MR. L.   And yes, those are wax lips that he decided to stick in his mouth and make him look like Rolling Stones!  Thanks so much to Sassy Babies with the blanket and hats--got to love being next door to a boutique baby store!

I thought alot about how wonderful and great life is and I just wanted to share.  So, here we go--I am going to share ten things that I love each day--on Valentine's Day--the tenth person who emails me on VDAY something that they love--I will give them a beautiful frame(you need to come to the store to pick it up)!!!  You will LOVE it--so keep watching! 


1.  My wonderful employees--Today Shauna was sick and she still came to work to open up the store so that I could finish making VDAY cookies for my friends and family.  Selena woke up on her day to sleep in and got here early enough so that Shauna could leave.
2.  To work and own a wonderful store in a wonderful place.
3.  To have friends who are in love with being creative and that I can just ask what they think about a color.
4.  I love that me & Molly made her school VDAY box and it was made out of white and pink Kleenixs.  She loved it so much that she HAD to take it to school today.
5.  I love wearing the color yellow-so I wore a yellow scarf today and it is cute.
6.  I love Valentine's Day.
7.  I love that Marc and I are going to Las Vegas this weekend to attend WPPI.
8.  I love my doggies-Max & Muffin.
9.  I love that I found a new frosting recipe.
10.  I love MAC computers.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sassy Baby Casting Call

Just a quick note to all the entrants of the Casting Baby Call--judges have now begun the selecting process--I will send an email out shortly on this--thought I would put a Sophie pic on for you to see what last year's winner looked like!


Why is downtown so much fun?  You go downtown; drool over all the buildings and then notice a huge dumptruck and wrecking ball ruining the joint--don't they know that photographers like it a little run down and that it is good for business--what are they thinking--new brick and cement?  We don't like that!

Anyway, adorable little family we did downtown this weekend with the perfect weather.  Mr. T was awesome!

I tried a few funky things that I learned at IPPA today with Julie K--awesome!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We're Hungry

I know, I know, I need to go home...but this one just had to be blogged!  Have a great weekend!

Cute Little Cupid Valentines

So, I know this isn't a senior--isn't it a new week?  No really, I am here at the studio just finishing up after a shoot from downtown with a cute family.  Couldn't beat the weather today--how great is that??  

Anyway, I have been playing with making the images pop a little bit more in PS and I ended up playing with these little cuties.  L&C come in every three months for pics & how could you blame mom--they are absolutely beautiful children--their beautiful blue eyes are just something else.  Mr. C was a little more solemn for the shoot--but not Miss L--she is always a ham for the camera.

Have a great weekend!  Love you all!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

LET'S Hear it for the BOYS

So....I felt it was time for a boy--poor boys--they are cute--I just don't think they love themselves as much as us girlies do!  So, here is a cutie--what fun we had with him--took him to a downtown area and had a blast--he also wanted some studio shots with a "classic" look for mom.  OF course, mom loves those, but he loved the urban look.

Ok, I am heading down to the lab today--love our local lab-MasterLab.  They have taken such good care of us.  And, I am excited to drive in such nice weather--why can't it just be spring--I know it has to snow again, but tulips and flowers are so much prettier than snow.  However, we have a cute family that wants snowmobiling pictures done up at their cabin--so, let it snow!

We are heading to WPPI in Las Vegas next weekend--so ready to see all the awesome stuff there!