Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seniors Rock the House

What a great day!  This is when we shout out "WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!"  Today we had a group of great seniors come down and model for the display window we will be revealing in about five weeks.  These seniors came from Alta, West Jordan, Bingham & Riverton and they just couldn't have been better kids.  Parents-be proud--they were amazing!

So, as I promised--here they are guys--there were so many to choose from--I just pulled a few to post--enjoy and we will see you in about a week with more goodies to come!


Anonymous said...

ass FACTORY? ha ha ha ha!!
how cute is that???

Soooo---Mindy, Mike and I both love you and appreciate your kindness and encouragement. And also giving mike a "foot" in the door! :)

Thank you so very much!

p.s You are so very CUTE! even with your slippers and cute pony!

Anonymous said...

I know Natalie and Sami - they are definately "HOT" chicks. Sami is one beautiful babe!