Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm So excited--I just can't hide it--I'm bout to lose control

Sorry for singing to you--but honestly, I deserve it!  This sitting was one of those sessions that you just wondered what was going to happen.  Some of our dearest clients visited us today--They had sweet twin two-year olds who were excited to have pictures of their newest baby brother.  Twins were fabulous, but baby was tired and just didn't want to cooperate.  But, I knew once we got him settled, he was fair game.  Marc walked him for awhile and finally--he gave in and went to sleep.  I must say--it was worth it.  He was like playdough!  I am so excited--I am just doing cheerleading moves all over the studio.  Beautiful!  

So, here is the top ten list today--sorry guys, you only get one more day and that is it!  Make sure you email me tomorrow what you love--the tenth person who emails me gets an awesome frame (retail value is $125!)

drum roll please....

1.  I love that Marc and I were able to shoot tonight.  It is a rare occasion that we get to do this anymore.
2.  I love that we were able to see the twin boys that we did pictures of when they were only 4 lbs big!  They were so cute--they asked me to do the "hotdog dance" with them.  I love that!
3.  I love that when I danced to Disturbia today, my Molly said that my dancing was "disturbia."
4.  I love that my beautiful fabric for my curtains was quickly vetoed by the one who is sewing the curtains.  I love that when the staff found out that is was vetoed, they all began cheering!  I thought I had style.  I love that I don't.
5.  I love The Lavendar House--the cutest shabby chic store on the face of the planet!  Has every cute decor item that a photographer would dream of! 
6.  I love that tomorrow is Valentine's Day!
7. I love that Selena, one of our photographers, got a Valentine's present from her dad who lives in Arizona.  It was a massage from the Cottage Day Spa and a rose.  I love dads who remember their daughters!
8. I love that my oldest daughter text me today and told me that she loved me.  I melted.  I love that.
9.  I love that the only thing that I have eaten today is Diet Coke.  Actually, I don't know if I love that?!
10.  I love that I have really been able to reflect on what I love this week.  I was at the gas station today thinking "I love the smell of gas."  I think I am getting desperate for love!


Melissa and Darren said...

When I see all these beautiful babies I wish that Keaton was a newborn again. It is hard to believe that he is almost 9 months old.

Can't wait for Keaton's next session in March.

Love you guys!

Mindy said...

You are so cute! Love you bunches!