Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, had to do this fun shoot today with MR. L.   And yes, those are wax lips that he decided to stick in his mouth and make him look like Rolling Stones!  Thanks so much to Sassy Babies with the blanket and hats--got to love being next door to a boutique baby store!

I thought alot about how wonderful and great life is and I just wanted to share.  So, here we go--I am going to share ten things that I love each day--on Valentine's Day--the tenth person who emails me on VDAY something that they love--I will give them a beautiful frame(you need to come to the store to pick it up)!!!  You will LOVE it--so keep watching! 


1.  My wonderful employees--Today Shauna was sick and she still came to work to open up the store so that I could finish making VDAY cookies for my friends and family.  Selena woke up on her day to sleep in and got here early enough so that Shauna could leave.
2.  To work and own a wonderful store in a wonderful place.
3.  To have friends who are in love with being creative and that I can just ask what they think about a color.
4.  I love that me & Molly made her school VDAY box and it was made out of white and pink Kleenixs.  She loved it so much that she HAD to take it to school today.
5.  I love wearing the color yellow-so I wore a yellow scarf today and it is cute.
6.  I love Valentine's Day.
7.  I love that Marc and I are going to Las Vegas this weekend to attend WPPI.
8.  I love my doggies-Max & Muffin.
9.  I love that I found a new frosting recipe.
10.  I love MAC computers.


Anonymous said...

I luv YELLOW an valentines day toooooooooo!
cute cute little boy!!

Nic, Chelsea, and Rylee said...

I love MAC computers also!