Thursday, February 5, 2009

LET'S Hear it for the BOYS

So....I felt it was time for a boy--poor boys--they are cute--I just don't think they love themselves as much as us girlies do!  So, here is a cutie--what fun we had with him--took him to a downtown area and had a blast--he also wanted some studio shots with a "classic" look for mom.  OF course, mom loves those, but he loved the urban look.

Ok, I am heading down to the lab today--love our local lab-MasterLab.  They have taken such good care of us.  And, I am excited to drive in such nice weather--why can't it just be spring--I know it has to snow again, but tulips and flowers are so much prettier than snow.  However, we have a cute family that wants snowmobiling pictures done up at their cabin--so, let it snow!

We are heading to WPPI in Las Vegas next weekend--so ready to see all the awesome stuff there!

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Anonymous said...

I heard of the WPPI---alot of photogs are going....:) fun for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its my second home!