Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finally...Funky Family Photographer Utah

What a cute family this is--we have been photographing this adorable family for the past several years. Gosh, they get cuter every time we see them!

It has been awhile since I posted last....We headed over to the annual IPPA convention this past weekend where we learned lots of new things and even bought some fun additions for the studio. I am most excited about some fun backdrops we bought for FAMILY Christmas pictures this year! YUMMY!

We are also thrilled to have won First Place in the Family Portrait Division for IPPA. I think my hats go off to the hippies with a van that we did this summer. I think they deserve first place just for dressing up like that! Marc was also named to the board for IPPA; this should be a fun new adventure for him!

Alright, friends--got to go! luv ya bunches!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

From the Back of the Van- Fall Photos Utah Photographer

The other day we did pics of this adorable family. When they arrived, my heart was jumping up and down--who couldn't fall instantly in love with such a cute family? This cute couple own a bakery in Provo and just recently are getting ready to open another one in Lehi. As we talked to them, it made me realize of how fun and challenging it can be to work together as a couple and still maintain a level of chaos that won't scar our children's future.
Mind if I reminisce for a minute, but it was about ten years ago that Marc and I decided to take our photography business seriously. But the word "serious" back then included driving a huge scooby doo van look alike to our fall setting. Each session included a three 8x10s for a few bucks. Giving them instant gratification, we opened the back of the van to display a huge 13" television where they were able to pick out their prints. Marc attached the camera to the television with a few cords and our "instant salesroom" was set. Each person carefully selected their 8x10s and off they went. We were thrilled with our day's work and drove home into the sunset in our scooby doo look alike van!
Those were the days! Now, we have a beautiful studio, a great presentation room and much more experience under our belt. I wouldn't ask to have it any other way. We have learned and struggled together as a couple as we have learned how to run a business. My hats go off to any husband and wife business team who work together. You rock!
lots of luv!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Amazing Fall Photos Utah Girl & Recycled Tires

I can't believe I am squeezing in a blog post today with witches night out, but I have two seconds and enjoyed this pic so much. We are framing it for a display in an old purple ceiling tin!

Come visit us tonight and tomorrow at the studio. We would love to see you!

luv ya like rockstars!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sophie and Dylan

Our little Sophie has gained popularity around Gardner Village as she graced the walls at Sassy Babies for a year in her blue and brown pettiskirt adorned in the whimsical polka dot frame to match. We have grown to love her and her big brother like our own children. How quickly they grow up!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

GorgEOUS Family Fall Photos Salt Lake Utah

Marc and I have always loved this time of year. We began taking fall family portraits many years ago when we first started out business. It really is where Highlite Photography began--out in the woods with a very trusting family the first year! It grew from one family the first year to over 100+ families that we will photograph this fall! Wowzers!!!

Each year, the families seem to become better at figuring out the clothing situation, perhaps one of the most stressful things about family portraits. I have always said, Dress like you would decorate your home. Begin with a main color palette like a chocolate brown. Then use a mid tone throughout your clothing such as a taupe color and then use a bit of an accent, like burgundy. This family was great! They did such a beautiful job on their clothing selection!

We love what we do!!!

Cute Angie Larsen from GTU--WE LOVE YOU!

Who doesn't love cute Angie Larsen from Good Things Utah on ABC 4? Well, as if she isn't the cutest thing, imagine her with those cute boys? We had such a blast with her and her little ones. Such sweet and active little guys!

We love ya!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brooke's Wedding-Yippie YEAH!

A little shout out to our cute Brooke--who we recently photographed. Can I just say how much fun this group was! I have three girls that are a bit young to get married. Since photographing, I have learned alot about weddings. One of the things that this wedding taught me was just how to have fun! Yippie Yeah! Yippie Yo!

We luv you guys!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

GORGEOUS Urban High School Senior Utah Photographer

The other day, Marc and I headed downtown for a gorgeous high school senior girl who seriously was so cute with her outfits and car--I LOVED it! Wish we could have stayed there forever!

Right after the shoot, we headed over to The Melting Pot for dinner. Hats off to my awesome sister in law who had the kids stay over night! While at dinner, I realized how much I love good things. If you haven't eaten over at The Melting Pot, I would highly recommend it! I knew I was in trouble when the first sign I read when walking in there said "The Best Place to Blow your Diet!" Anyway, the food and service was remarkable! It made me even more encouraged to continue to provide an exceptional product to our clients along with amazing service! The things we learn while eating.... Oh yeah, I realized too, just how much I love working with my adorable hubby. Nothing in the world can be more rewarding to work hard together.