Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snowy Day Portraits

This cute family from Arizona braved the snowy weather during the Thanksgiving Weekend. We have seen alot of black, reds and grays for this look and I AM LOVING IT! Such a great match for the look!

Tips for Kids

Highlite Photography is definately known for our ability to work with kids. Selena, Marc, Davi and I all come from homes with lots of kids. We LOVE working with them and have found that they love us back.

We did this sitting about a week ago at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. I was so thrilled with these parents--hats go off to them as we battled the cold weather with the kids. They kept going and just were happy and fun! I think this mom wins the award for "Super MOM." She was amazing with her kids! As we are now moving into cold weather, our clients are still begging us to go outside with them. Our studio is a warm fun place for indoor pictures this time of year, but the Utah scenery is amazing!!! We are happy to do snowy portraits, but it adds a new dimension to the entire experience. Let me give you some tips that help--

BE POSITIVE. Remember when we were kids and our mom's begged us to put our coats on, but we swore we weren't cold?! If you keep telling your children "oh you are so cold"--they will stop working with us and focus on the weather. Tell them how fun the snow is and help them explore.

BE PREPARED. I know, it is the Boy Scout motto-but I can't stress this enough. Bring mittens, scarfs to wrap their faces, boots and warm coats and blankets. Of course, we aren't going to photograph you bundled up like frosty the snowman, but you will have some time to wait--stay bundled up while you are waiting.

HOT CHOCOLATE--Bring some hot cocoa along in a thermos--this is fun for the kids to have after the sitting! It warms them up and is a fun treat to look forward too!

RELAX. Family portraits are stressful. But, once you arrive, the rest is up to us. It is extremely difficult for us to work when our clients are stressed to the max. The more you relax, the better the experience becomes and the better the final product looks. If you are uptight, children will quickly read into it and they won't relax. Be happy!!!

with that said, can't wait for this coming weekend!! Love love!

In a meadow we can build a snowman...

PHOTOGRAPHY ROcKs! The other day I was listening to a reporter say that 70% of all people are in the wrong field and aren't fulfilled. Each day I come to work, it feels exciting and full of fun and challenge. I guess I can say that I am in the 30% of FULFILLED people.

We are right in the process of getting all the orders in for Christmas. I worked all day today (yes, I missed church). I keep telling myself, we are almost there. It is so fun to watch people come in and pick up their Christmas orders. I think it will be a little sad to let this time of year end. Such a fun time of year!

These pics are from this past weekend! We are currently booking for our Snowy Day Portraits on Saturday, December 5th & 12th. It was so fun!!! Can't wait for Saturday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SANTA's NEW SLEIGH--Christmas Photos Utah Photographer

I know, most of you have seen this red mustang--I can't get enough of it--so fun and funky! We were thrilled to have a nice snowstorm just days before so that we could get this shot!

We are excited about our Snowy Day Portrait Event on Saturday, December 5th & 12th. There is still spots available for this one (and yes, we do have clients traveling from different states for this event!)--so, if you family wants a "skiing" picture or just want to get a little creative, let us know!

Call today--very few spaces left!

So, it is 10:34 pm and I am on TV with Angie Larsen in the morning--got to go home and see if I have clean clothes!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Horses & Families- Perfect Combination

I really believe in "the secret"--a method of positive thinking. It is actually what I used in getting a studio in Gardner Village a few years ago--I put it out there and eventually it came to be. Anyway, so this year, I wanted to do a picture with a family and horses. Perhaps it is because I grew up in Star Valley and loved the country look. Sounds a bit silly, but I really wanted this to happen, so I put "the secret" to the test once again.

So, this adorable family called and asked us if we could come to Roosevelt and photograph them and their horse that just won a big race. I just wanted to skip around the store. Even better, we decided to head up a day early and were able to stay at Daniel's Summit Lodge. Marc and I enjoyed a bit of R&R while getting massages and eating a bit of dinner together--something that is rare for us during this time of year. We definately needed this since we are working like Santa's little elves with our heads cut off! It was such a great experience to see apart of Utah that I had never seen before.

We also took a picture of one of their displays in their home that we have done for them this past summer. It is 2-16x20 ceiling tin frames along with a 24x36 ceiling tin frame. It look fabulous in their home!

Alright got to go home--we have a sick little girl at home that needs a momma around!

Friday, November 13, 2009

cutest Christmas family ever!!!

When people show up looking like this for Christmas pictures, I want to hug and kiss them! I don't do that--but I feel like it because they are so cute!

Can't wait to see all the pretty dresses and families for their Christmas pictures this year. I LOVE IT!

cutie patootie

What a cute little girl we did the other day--I have loved this weather in November!!

luv luv

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FAmily Christmas Photos-- Photographer Salt Lake City Utah


Beautiful Newborn Photos Salt Lake City Utah Photography

Can I say that this is one of the most beautiful little babes we have ever photographed? Am I allowed to do this? I think it is because she is my niece!

Let's Hear it for the Boys

SO, I just need to put a few cute boys on the blog today to make it equal because Boys are so cute!

Monday, November 9, 2009

GorgEOUS Christmas Photos Salt Lake City UT

I know--I have blogged any little guys lately, but I just had to put this little girl on the blog--what do you think? Gorgeous or what?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boutique Children's Clothing line ROCKS the HOUSE

so--can I say Drool, yUMMie and AMAZZing--Persnickety Clothing have become dear friends of ours as they have literally skyrocketed into amazingness! We are so happy to have been a small part of watching them grow and develop into greatness--they are now open in the South Town Mall and Fashion Place--

Now--I have to add a funny little comment about the cute little African American girls--they are twins who were adopted from Africa about a year ago. They are the cutest things I think I have encountered in a long time. They would ask to shake your hand, giggle and kiss each other. When you ask them, where are you from--they say, "Ethopia--not by Africa, but in Africa." They made me laugh the whole time!

Gotta love kids!