Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boutique Children's Clothing line ROCKS the HOUSE

so--can I say Drool, yUMMie and AMAZZing--Persnickety Clothing have become dear friends of ours as they have literally skyrocketed into amazingness! We are so happy to have been a small part of watching them grow and develop into greatness--they are now open in the South Town Mall and Fashion Place--

Now--I have to add a funny little comment about the cute little African American girls--they are twins who were adopted from Africa about a year ago. They are the cutest things I think I have encountered in a long time. They would ask to shake your hand, giggle and kiss each other. When you ask them, where are you from--they say, "Ethopia--not by Africa, but in Africa." They made me laugh the whole time!

Gotta love kids!

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Jorgensens4 said...

Who makes/sells all the crochet headbands? SOOOO adorable!