Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tips for Kids

Highlite Photography is definately known for our ability to work with kids. Selena, Marc, Davi and I all come from homes with lots of kids. We LOVE working with them and have found that they love us back.

We did this sitting about a week ago at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. I was so thrilled with these parents--hats go off to them as we battled the cold weather with the kids. They kept going and just were happy and fun! I think this mom wins the award for "Super MOM." She was amazing with her kids! As we are now moving into cold weather, our clients are still begging us to go outside with them. Our studio is a warm fun place for indoor pictures this time of year, but the Utah scenery is amazing!!! We are happy to do snowy portraits, but it adds a new dimension to the entire experience. Let me give you some tips that help--

BE POSITIVE. Remember when we were kids and our mom's begged us to put our coats on, but we swore we weren't cold?! If you keep telling your children "oh you are so cold"--they will stop working with us and focus on the weather. Tell them how fun the snow is and help them explore.

BE PREPARED. I know, it is the Boy Scout motto-but I can't stress this enough. Bring mittens, scarfs to wrap their faces, boots and warm coats and blankets. Of course, we aren't going to photograph you bundled up like frosty the snowman, but you will have some time to wait--stay bundled up while you are waiting.

HOT CHOCOLATE--Bring some hot cocoa along in a thermos--this is fun for the kids to have after the sitting! It warms them up and is a fun treat to look forward too!

RELAX. Family portraits are stressful. But, once you arrive, the rest is up to us. It is extremely difficult for us to work when our clients are stressed to the max. The more you relax, the better the experience becomes and the better the final product looks. If you are uptight, children will quickly read into it and they won't relax. Be happy!!!

with that said, can't wait for this coming weekend!! Love love!

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Melissa and Darren said...

Thanks for the tips. We can't wait for our outdoor session on Saturday. Love you guys!