Sunday, November 29, 2009

In a meadow we can build a snowman...

PHOTOGRAPHY ROcKs! The other day I was listening to a reporter say that 70% of all people are in the wrong field and aren't fulfilled. Each day I come to work, it feels exciting and full of fun and challenge. I guess I can say that I am in the 30% of FULFILLED people.

We are right in the process of getting all the orders in for Christmas. I worked all day today (yes, I missed church). I keep telling myself, we are almost there. It is so fun to watch people come in and pick up their Christmas orders. I think it will be a little sad to let this time of year end. Such a fun time of year!

These pics are from this past weekend! We are currently booking for our Snowy Day Portraits on Saturday, December 5th & 12th. It was so fun!!! Can't wait for Saturday!

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Selena and Russ!! said...

holy freak. I LOVE THESE!