Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yummy Little One

What a sweet sweet baby-Mom and baby came in tonight and she was just an angel. She is ten days old and absolute perfect.  We even got a smile from her!  I must say as a mother of three, I LOVE babies.  They are so soft and sweet!  Yummie!

Again, here is my Top Things that I LOVE today (read the past post to see what I am up too!)

1-I love that my hubby was glad to see on the last list that he made it above the dogs--he sometimes wonders if I love the dogs more than him.  I think he was number six and the dogs were seven.
2-I love that my girls wondered if I loved them--of course I do--I love that Mikala after five years of telling me that she hated piano--that she is beginning to love it; I love that Marquessa has never hated dance and continues to want to dance more hours to be the best ballet dancer in the world; I love that Molly sings to me with headphones on--she knelt at my knees and sang, "boy, will you marry me." I love their talents.
3-I love that I spilled Red Pepper soup on my pants today and that Shauna laughed so hard at me.  I loved that I got to go home early because it looked like I threw up on my pants.
4-I loved that we were so busy today-booking appointments for babies, weddings, seniors, etc.  
5-I love that we used yarn in a shoot today-who would have thought?
6-I love that my best friend in the whole world calls me at 8:30 a.m. every morning to just say good morning.  I love that!
7-I love that I found beautiful material to use for the curtains in the new store.  
8-I love that I don't have to make the curtains for the new store.
9-I love that a sweet husband called and ordered pictures of his boys for his wife for Valentines Day. Of course-it was at the last minute, but I loved that!
10-I love that US retail sales were up and that economists had predict a decrease.  I love the power of positive thinking.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ok----these top tens made me LAUGH!

I luv your humor!
and I luv your talent and creativity!

and OH MY GOSH, on the baby session, that smile? Priceless!!!