Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WPPI Rocks

We just got back from Las Vegas attending Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention-better known as WPPI. It absolutely rocked the house. We ended up with so many goodies that I can't wait to try out--a new color plugin; a new backdrop; a funky frame that lights up itself (it will be in our new display window!) and new marketing material! I felt like Christmas--it was so amazing!

We were able to hear some of our absolute idols speak at some different seminars along with attending one of the largest trade shows for photographers--so, are you jealous? Well, don't be--we ended up braving a terrible snowstorm coming home. I told Marc he was my knight in shining armor braving the vicious storm. The UPS trucks were the dragons of the road going 90 miles an hour in a blizzard. Needless to say, the prince got his princess home safely and the dragons stayed on the road!

Glad to be back! Good news today-found out that I am going Good Things Utah next Friday to announce the winners of the Casting Call (I heard MC Hammer is going to be on too-should I wear my parachute pants?) Lastly--we are moving April 1 to an awesome building in Gardner Village and they told me today they are painting it-why? (Does red and yellow country paint scream "Paint me, baby?!")

Alright, got to head--we are doing icecream sculpting tonight and I am in charge!

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Anonymous said...

i wish i was small enough for you to carry me in your pocket ...sounds like an AMAZING!!!
next year...I am GOING! its final!
glad your prince got you home!

you two are so CUTE!!

ohh and MC! "Can't touch this"! You should sing it to