Saturday, July 4, 2009

We're BACK!

After a fabulous vacation to Lake Powell, we are back safe and sound! I have pics to share soon, but thought I would quickly blog and say hello!

Lake Powell for me is really a spiritual journey everytime I go. Some people go to kick back, relax and chill. I really go to contemplate the past year, write out new goals and heal any wrong that needed some attention. and then...I have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, here is my top ten list of DISCOVERIES...

10. Lizards crawling inside the houseboat are as scary as a mouse in the house!

9. When you are out swimming in the lake, be careful not to pull a fishing line--you could end up pulling out a dead lizard on a hook (true story--happened to Christi)!

8. Angie from Good Things Utah is a joy to listen to at 10 a.m. on the weekday mornings, but not so enjoyable when she is djs the latest singles talent show at 1 a.m.on a loud sound system on the next houseboat over.

7. When the greatest rebellion comes from eating the cashews and M&Ms from the trailmix and leaving the raisins, you know the week is going to be great.

6. Read the most perfect book for the trip--Eat, Pray and Love--loved it!

5. Found great comfort and guidance in archetype cards, from the chronos to the cosmic, luvin' it!

4. Realized that not being able to go to the bathroom can be a very painful experience!

3. Bought a shirt that said, "Rest, ride, relax, repeat"--now that is a spiritual manifestation!

2. Saw my girls waterski, attempt to wakeboard and tubing--no greater joy comes from seeing them be determined!

1. CONQUERED a 14 year old fear!!! Fourteen years ago, we were in Lake Powell and went cliff jumping. I got so freaked out by a jump, that I never was able to jump again. This year, I decided I needed some mental toughness and, I DID IT!!! I have some pics I will post later. So so proud that I was able to overcome it!

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Selena and Russ!! said...

i'm so glad you are back! and i'm so glad you have pictures to show (especially of your jump!) whoo hoo for mindy!