Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I am in business

With the move, our girls have survived on $5 Pizza, done homework at the store and went to bed late. Sometimes after the day is done, I wonder why am I doing this...and then I get an email like this one for JC and I realize that is the reason. Thanks to JC for letting me share this!

"...justwant you to know how much those pictures mean to all of us now. My Grandpa passed away suddenly a few months ago in Boise and those family pictures youand your husband took are the last ones we have of all of us together as afamily. We were never able to all get together again like that - so thosepictures mean everything to all of us now! THANK YOU for giving us thosewonderful portraits - memories we will have to treasure for the rest of ourlives."

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