Saturday, March 7, 2009

Easter Bunny pics--now booking!

Yes, with the arrival of Daylight Savings-we are jumping right into spring!  So, here we go--we are booking for LIVE Easter Bunny pics--we will be doing minisessions on April 4 & 11--we are almost booked on the 4th, so if you want pics--please call asap!  Your cost is $59 and includes 1-8x10 & 2-5x7!

Our background is on order-wished it would have been here for this shoot, but that is ok--it will leave you a bit of suspense.  It is coming in a week and I have heard that there is new baby bunnies that will be born just in time for the shoot!  

1 comment:

Selena and Russ!! said...

these bunny pictures are a definite improvement! I'm LOVIN THEM! and i LOVE the new logo. "it's coming" i feel it. =-)