Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LOVED Nashville!

We just got back from Nashville, TN. Our annual conference was held there and so we headed out for a few days to learn more about the field, see current trends and most of all--have a blast! We have some really fun things up our sleeve that should be taking place very soon, but can't quite share yet!

Here are the top tens things I loved at Imaging

10. Sharing time with Marc--Such a rare thing with this business for us to slow down and enjoy each other's company. Whether it was giggling with each other and me {Mindy} sleeping on his shoulder during a long class--it really was alot of fun!
9. Going to the Grand Ole Opry--I felt like I had been transported in time--This is perhaps one of the funnest things I have ever done!
8. Reading the book, "The Lone Survivor"--I needed this when we got delayed in the airport for 24 hours! I definately felt like a lone survivor by the time we got to our destination.
7. Meeting Sarah Petty--I think I have always idolized her marketing skills! Wanted to smooch her, but thought that wasn't professional! Check her out at
6. Eating at fun restaurants with all the Utah photogs there! Shoot who would have known how much fun you can have without alcohol! Loved the Irish pub with live music!
5. Buying 12 songs from Triple Scoop! Yeah, I have wanted songs from them--can't wait!
4. Ordering in a Chocolate Seduction dessert from room service! Enough said!
3. Calling home to find out that my kids did NOT miss me and wondered if we could stay a bit longer on our trip!
2. Buying a massaging tool and acupuncture tool from the trade show. Because we were bored, a group of Utah photogs got together and basically shocked each other! Couldn't have laughed more than when we thought we might have killed one of them!
1. Finally breaking the news to one of the most darling photogs there that Marc was indeed not Jon Schmidt the piano player! She thought Marc was living under an alias for years. She even went to one of John's concerts and told John that she liked his pictures. Poor thing--yes, Marc is NOT John Schmidt even though he looks like him!

Can't wait for 2011 at San Antonio! Rock on! Love our Utah Photographers forever! Seriously, we have the greatest in the states!


Kris Doman said...

John Schmidt!! Ha ha ha ha ha.... HA HA HA HA! Check out the pics of our dinner at the Pub on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that almost killing me ranks as number 2 on your list. What do I have to do to be number one???? Loved every minute with you guys....More to come in 2011

Jamie Broderick Photography said...

Allison all you have to do is truly believe that Mindy is Louise Simone and then talk to Louise and tell her things as if she were Mindy!!! Mindy I miss you already!! How did we ever get along without knowing each other? Tragedy!! We will have to do lots of fun things soon.

Sarah Petty said...

You TOTALLY should have given me a smooch:-))) Thanks for coming by our booth!

Mindy said...

Did Sarah Petty just leave a message on our blog???????????? Um, now I am excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!