Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chug a Chug A Choo Choo

Why are little boys so stinkin' cute on a train? I have three girls of my own, so everytime we do pics of a little guy on a train, it makes me want to eat the little guys up. I mean who wouldn't want trains, trucks and balls to play with. I think triple the amount of barbies, hormones and hairspray is just asking for a few trains along the way.

This little guy is in our Bellesnbeaus Club; an exclusive year of beautiful pictures that ends up in a fun album! Little CT wasn't up to being a train conductor for long! But, he is just a beautiful guy!

We are excited for this Saturday--our Urban Kid & Family Portrait Event!! Wahoo--we hunted for the perfect place and I think we have it guys! It is going to rock. We have had so much success with this event, that we will be adding an Urban Family event in June & July!!!

Got asked to be on Good Things Utah again in June. Will be discussing the "Picture Perfect Family." Stay tuned....

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