Monday, April 20, 2009

Utah Baptism Portraits Photographer Photography

What a beautiful day we had on Saturday!!  We spent the day taking pics at Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival.  Gorgeous.  Why can't that be my backyard?  Tulips and daffodils everywhere with a million and one gardeners?!  

So, it isn't my backyard, but we loved it.  The families and children were dressed to the nine and the weather cooperated great with us.  I will post here in the next day or so a bunch of the pics that we did.  

But, I had to just post these few today.  Last year we had a sweet little one do her baptism pictures during Tip Toe through the Tulips.  This year, again, we had a sweet little girl.  Mom even bought the dress from one of my favorite children's   Anyway, these pics are my favorites of the shoot--so timeless.  I love the one with her shoe coming off--it shows the youthfulness of her.

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