Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adorable Tulips & Family Utah Photographer

I have had many people ask to see our Tulip pics, so I am sitting at the studio at 11 p.m. and blogging a few.  We did many families at the Tulip Festival during the past few weeks--so don't feel bad if I didn't select yours--too many beautiful ones to choose from.  

This annual event has been very popular for grandmas and mommies who has little ones.  I have to say that my favorite flower has to be the tulips and when I am at Thanksgiving Point, I am amazed at how beautiful they really are.

So, happy days are ahead--many fun spring portraits are planned already.

We would love you all to stop by during the open house this Thursday & Friday from 10 a.m-8 p.m.  We are giving away a ton of prizes!!!!!!!  We are giving away purses, gift certificate, shabby chic frames (yes, the one with polkas dots girls!)  You have to stop in to be eligible for the drawings.  It is also Gardner Village's friends and family sale this weekend, so it should be well worth the trip!

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