Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cutest BOY

Ok, so this is one of our favorite clients--she has been to us a few times.  This time SD came in for her son's baptism pictures.  So, of course, we did those and had fun--she left and shopped around the village and by the end, we had him totally casual and informal.  I loved this look!!!!  He was such a cutie.  He would only smile if we said "Girls!"  What a cutie.  

Busy day for us--we are getting ready for our beginning photo class this weekend.  Marc is so excited to teach everyone about photography.  I am excited for the yummy lunch that we are having over at the Archibald's Silo...and, I am thinking about what little treat I can send home with them.  If you are interested in the class, it is from 9-4 on Saturday and includes lunch (of course).  Cost is $99--we have ONE SPOT LEFT!  We also have an intermediate course next Saturday and have TWO SPOTS LEFT!  Call the studio if you are interested at 938-1991.  love ya guys!

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Kris Doman said...

This is one of the yummiest boy portraits I've ever seen! Wowzers, this guy is stunning! Nicely done, you guys!