Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss South Jordan

So, we finished up our first beginning workshop and it rocked the house.  Everyone was so cute and fun--we left there just saying to ourselves how great everyone was.  So willing to learn and ask questions.  What a wonderful industry we are in.  We are so excited to see all the fun girls coming this weekend to our intermediate course.  The lab will be speaking along with our retoucher; Marc will be covering some studio lighting along with other various subjects. 

We also had an idea--what if we had an open forum for aspiring photographers at Highlite Photography once a month?  We are moving our studio to a bigger building at Gardner Village April 1st.  This could accomdate a bit more of us to sit around and discuss ideas; helpful hints, etc.  Let me know what you think about this?  We are still wondering if this would be a good idea?!

This picture is a recent one of our 2008 Miss South Jordan.  She will be in the Miss Utah Pageant in July.  Trista is such a cutie pie--so willing to help out and is very responsible.  She will be giving up her Miss South Jordan crown in April.  We will be there to photograph this event!  Love ya bunches!

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