Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not on the LITE side

It is late and I am heading out for the night; had to just blog a quick note.  This little sweetie just left our studio--her mom's cute friends gave her a gift certificate when little Miss J was born.  So, here she is at 6 months--she loves to eat and even had to stop the shoot for a quick bottle.   She was so fun.

Just to let you know that we are getting so excited--we have grown out of our britches here at Highlite--so, we are moving just to a bigger home here at Gardner Village.  I am so thrilled--I have even gotten the nerve up to call some amazing studios throughout the US and ask them about different products and design details for their studios.  Just a quick mention--the studio will have a cute nursery; family room; bridal room for displays--it will be just like coming over to my house for some adorable pictures--I can't wait--I am honestly not sleeping because I am so excited--


Anonymous said...

ok---im totally going to covet your studio...lOL!

I luved how she had to eat in the middle of the session!


Melissa and Darren said...

Can't wait for Keaton's next session. I can't rave enough about how much I love you guys!!!!

Mindy said...

Why are you guys the greatest? I just love this business. I called Marc today and said, "hon, thank you for letting me do the funnest thing in the world." Honestly, it just doesn't get boring. I LOVE IT!