Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bouncies in Your Pants

Today Selena and I were out doing a shoot with the cutest little kids--I was talking to the little boy and he was getting a little bit wiggly. I said to him, "do you have bouncies in your pants?" Mom and Selena both were laughing at me. So, today, Selena keeps saying "bouncies in your pants!"

so, do you have bouncies in your pants??
I had to blog this "Field of Dreams" that we have a Gardner Village. Right now the grass is so beautiful and tall. June's rain has done some good for us!!! We have had a lot of clients requesting the grassy look for their Village Special--so, I am blogging a few that we have done out there this week. We are booked this week for Village Specials--we have a couple openings next Friday between 2-8pm if you are interested!
luv luv today
ps--my thought of the day "it is better to be the leader than the follower"

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Selena and Russ!! said...

hahaha! I've got bouncies in my pants just looking at this post!!!