Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grandpa's Old Truck

Ok-ok--please let me explain--look very closely at the grandkid picture.  I tried to pose them with as a heart!  I didn't tell grandma and grandpa what I was up too--but, I think it worked!  Tell me what you think?!

Marc and I thoroughly enjoy families--I think I find no greater joy than seeing families together happy, cute and well dressed.  So, grandma and grandpa wanted a cute picture of them and their grandchildren--I thought of this place and knew it had to be!  Can you believe that there is NO kids headswaps in this picture??!!  I think, honestly, it comes from being the great family that was photographed, and yes, it too is our absolute love and passion for what we do.  Marc takes off running and tickling the kids while one of us captures the moment.  What a treasure.

I had to include the picture of grandpa and grandma walking--I think he was a bit twitterpatted by his cute wife!!!

Thanks AV for sending the fab group our way.

Finally--Don't try this photo at home--save it for the professionals--it could cause serious injury to one or more people due to high stress-

luv luv!

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