Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cruisin' Family at the Sand Dunes

The other day I was thinking about how fun family outings are and what fun it is to really capture a family in their "element."  This reminded of this shoot that we did last summer at Little Sahara with the G family's four wheelers and motorbikes.  They loaded up the bikes and we followed on a Friday night down to the sand and did pictures--I have to say these were some of my all time favorite family pictures we have ever done!

We are heading to Lake Powell in a couple of weeks and I was thinking what fun it would be to take cool family pictures of us in Powell (of course before we get hammered and sunburnt).  I guess the ideal thing would be to photograph a gorgeous family in Lake Powell that week--aaahhhh--I can see it now--so, if you are in Lake Powell (Arizona side) the last week in June--let us know-we just might be able to work something out!


Green Nerd said...

I will actually be there that same week. I'd love to have my very own photo shoot....that is....if we can actually hook up! I need to look good for some of those single guys hanging out down there (the ones without the open cans in their hands - if you know what I mean - I'm not talking about Diet Coke)

I look forward to seeing you there and can't wait to pull out the cards and have some good memorable times with my crazy family!!

Mindy said...

gosh, why do we luv you girl??