Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Spring Family Portraits

What an amazing time of year it is--June is always so beautiful with the green grass and flowers.  Now if only I can take care of my own green grass and flowers.  I loved this cute family--Marc loved them because they are Yankee Fans!!  My fav picture of them is when the kids are laughing--I wonder who they were laughing at!!

This weekend we were over at Thanksgiving Point Gardens for our Spring Garden Portrait Event.  I am thrilled with all the gorgeous photos that Marc and Selena took.  I was even there to root on many of the cute families!!!  Woohoo!

I will post of few today!

Also, I have a few sessions that opened up this weekend for my Urban Kid Portrait Event.  I have a 4 pm & 6pm session now available.  If you are interested and are dying to be apart of this event, it is first come first serve!  It is downtown--call me for details at 801-569-1749!

One other thing---I am looking for a "model" family that loves the outdoors.  They need to have 2-3 children with children older than three years old.  So, like someone who had a 10 year & 7 year old.  Anyway, we are working on a new event for August and I need a cute family.  Your sitting will be free and you will get lots of goodies from us.  Email me!!

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