Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look what happens when it rains in JUNE!

The other day we had a cute family come in for a Village Special--of course, the Utah weather is behaving like we live in the tropics and not in the mountains.  Anyway, a huge thunderstorm was blowing in and mom was in tears because she was worried about what we were going to do.  I told her that we could do them in the studio.  I was so excited to do them there since our retoucher, Vi, had just went to a course to paint a new canvas backdrop for us.  So--we went ahead and tried it out--well, all I have to say is "Thank goodness it rained in June!"  Couldn't have loved them more than this!

Please remember that our Village Special is going on June-July.  It is a mini session and held on Tuesday & Fridays.  We booking like crazy over here--so call if you want to get in.  It is perfect for a young family that wants some funky pictures, a cute little one or a tweener!!  Call 801-569-1749 if you want to get in.  Cost is $79 and includes 1-8x10 & 2-5x7.


Allison Watkins said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE how the new background photographs! It's amazing the transformation from painting on the floor to hanging on the wall. Great job Vi! Thanks for coming to the class, it was wonderful getting to know you.

Kris Doman said...

Man, I love these colors together, Vi! You did such a great job on this backdrop. Nice photo-ing, too, M&M. I love the rain too.

Mindy said...

why are you guys so cute???